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Beverley Porter


"Primarily specialising in figurative ceramics, work ranges in scale from small individual figures, which can be picked up and turned in the hand, to larger pieces with a sculptural quality. My work has a classical influence with an emphasis on surface texture.

I hand model and sculpt which means every piece is entirely unique. I like to work intuitively with the clay allowing it to dictate the shape and form of the work, gestural marks made in the clay suggest shape and movement. I am influenced by the work of artists such as Rodin, Michelangelo, Epstein and Michael Flynn and also the paintings of Frank Auerbach and Anselm Kiefer to name but a few.

I use Scarva Earthstone Ashraf Hannah raku as I love the texture of this clay.  The pieces are dried slowly then bisque fired to 1000 degrees, I then begin to colour each piece individually with a combination of underglaze pigments and coloured slips to emphasise the surface texture. Clear glaze is applied to enrich and highlight specific areas. The pieces undergo a second slightly higher firing to 1100 degrees. I then apply accents of gold leaf to some pieces and a wax finish overall to seal the piece." - Beverley Porter