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Artist’s bio

"I graduated from Hull in 1989 and has previously exhibited in Beverley and Hull. I have been a member of Hull Artists Association, and was activity involved with Quay Art in Hull in the late 1990s. I currently working my own studio. 


I have recently had a successful exhibition at Artlink Spotlight Gallery in Hull. Press and mediacoverage along with sales: please click on the following links for examples - http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/the-hidden-art-from-hull-s-tenfoots/story-30178173-detail/story.html  


More examples of my painting can be viewed at www.chrissycollinsonart.com

My work was also in this year’s Ferens Open exhibition as part of UK City of Culture.  I am currently working on a series of commissions following on from my exhibtion Art from the Tenfoot. " - Chrissy Collinson

Chrissy Collinson


Artist Statement:

"The Tenfoot Series of paintings is a distillation of Hull’s hidden and unseen urban routes. Whilst ‘tenfoots’ are particular to Hull any urban area will have its own unique and distinctive hidden routes with their own local names, such as alleys, ginnels, snickets, lanes, etc. No doubt Sheffield has the same. The Tenfoot paintings will therefore, I am sure, strike a visual chord with viewers wherever they are exhibited.

These hidden routes have provided inspiration for me as an artist who lives in Hull and is intent on discovering the picturesque of the everyday, the roughness and irregularity of the mundane. My paintings are not though to be viewed as exploitative of the ‘down at heel’, but an observation of this urban picturesque and are paintings first and foremost.

As a keen walker of the tenfoots I am never without my camera. I observe and record the fragility of rotting wood, holed by worm and beetle alike. I find the ad hoc nature of Hull’s tenfoots fascinating: the make do and mend fences; the mock Tudor and Swiss chalet style garages; patched up boundaries and beguiling attempts at security. It would seem that Hull’s tenfoots appear to be held together by flaking paint and rusting hinges. My paintings are as varied in subject matter and colour as the tenfoots are in diversity. 

Back in the studio I use photographs to compose and decide the subject matter to be painted; this may involve cropping. The resulting compositions are intended to concentrate the viewer’s gaze to a certain mark, form and/or structure of or upon a surface that initially caught my eye. There is no visual clue of a horizon or vanishing point, yet this is not a Modernist reduction to the flat surface. Nor are they meant as decorative shape and colour. The Tenfoot Series is an expression and first hand exploration of a familiar (to me) landscape through the concentrated and detailed process of painting in oil paint on an intimate scale." - Chrissy Collinson

Chrissy lives and work in Hull.



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