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Exhibition Run:
Friday 3rd May - Sunday 16th June 2013

Cupola Gallery is hosting an exhibition of contemporary glass from approximately 30 different quality makers. From the decorative and functional through to sculptural and conceptual, the exhibition will highlight a small range of the broad styles & techniques being practised today by contemporary glass makers.

Artists have delivered from across the UK and from abroad. Sandra Miley even booked her piece its own seat on the plane over from France!

"Glass has the uncanny ability to be both real and unreal, inhabiting two worlds. The technical classification is still up for debate as it has been proven that it is not liquid nor is it a solid, it is a state between the two. In the exhibition we have cast glass pieces in buckets (by Victoria Scholes) accentuating glass' uncanny properties." Graham Shapley, General Manager

Other artists include a world record holder in Elliot Walker who took part in the world's longest glass blowing demonstration in 2012. Elliot will be exhibiting sculptural nudes.

The fabulous Will Shakspeare (yes that is his real name -of Kirsty's home made home fame) will be exhibiting a 1 metre by 1 metre wall piece.

We have glass engraving from Sue Burne (associate fellow of the guild of glass engravers) & glass handbags from Kate Turner (you'll never lose your keys again!)

There will be functional tableware & platters from Katya Izabel Filmus and London Glass Works and sumptuous, stunningly decorated perfume bottles from Allister Malcom.

In contrast, we have lamp worked fantastical creatures made from Pyrex by Glenn Godden complete with Latin names like "Astrumphasmatis coerula" as he captures them and displays them boxed like 'a good old fashioned Victorian anthropologist'.

Another contributor to the exhibition is artist Gayle Matthais who has work in the V&A collection. "Her sculptural assemblage pieces, which are often delicately balanced, feature thin broken glass, which makes them both alluring for their beauty and slightly intimidating."
Graham Shapley, General Manager

"And there's plenty more! A wonderful array of glass that we hope will appeal to a wide range of glass lovers." Karen Sherwood, Owner, Curator & Director.

Artists Exhibiting include:
Allister Malcolm, Andrew Graves-Johnston, Cathryn Shilling, Ewelina Kolaczek,
G.William Bell, Jonathan Smith, Kate Turner, Katya Izabel Filmus, Glenn Godden, Sandra Miley, Sue Burne, Elliot Walker, Bruce Marks, Gayle Matthias, Dennis Blatchley, Victoria Scholes, Shakspeare Glass, Ruth Lyne, Joanne Mitchell, Karin Walland, Wayne Charmer, Pat Marvell, Stewart Hearn, Hazel Burnham, Jessie Lee, Caroline Wills, Kalki Mansel, Juo.

All works for sale. Prices range from £25 - £5000

The exhibition opens on the 3rd May at 7:30pm with wine and nibbles

Bog Cotton - Sandra Miley
Bog Cotton
Sandra Miley
What would happen if... - Ewelin Kozack
What would happen if...
Ewelin Kozack
Anatomical Deconstruction VI - Gayle Matthias
Anatomical Deconstruction VI
Gayle Matthias
Large Plate Scribe Series - Katya Izabel Filmus
Large Plate Scribe Series
Katya Izabel Filmus
Lucys Legacy - Kate Turner
Lucys Legacy
Kate Turner
Monsters - G William Bell
G William Bell
The Ghosts of Pete Townsends Guitars - Andrew Graves Johnston
The Ghosts of Pete Townsends Guitars
Andrew Graves Johnston
Jig-a Boo - Dennis Blatchley
Jig-a Boo
Dennis Blatchley