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Jonathan Smith


"As my career as a glass artist has developed through time and I have been taught and developed these common techniques I frequently employ in my work I always feel the same sense of excitement as I did when I was child picking my sweets from the shop. Having spent a lot of time showing various techniques I have developed and used in my work, it is in fact rare that people ever get to see the raw format. It is this excitement glass makers often have when selecting colours or techniques in their work that I wanted to take the chance to share with others who may not have the chance to see the various techniques in this form ever before.

'Ket' being a north east (so I believe) slang term for sweets the piece is about the vivid memories of childhood being excited when buying sweets, feeling overwhelmed by the excitement and the anticipation of pulling out that first one from the paper bag and savouring every moment of it."

- Jonathan Smith