Raspberry Sunset Biy Gill Gathercole

Raspberry Sunset Biy Gill Gathercole


Oil Painting

Gill Gathercole is a Sheffield based artist, born in Glasgow, she graduated in Fine Art (painting) from Trent polytechnic in 1986.

”I paint landscape and still life, my sea & landscapes are often semi-abstract and are a response to feelings and experiences of places I know well and feel connected to –the Yorkshire east coast, the Peak district and the north coast of Wales. This work is intuitive and I work from memories and imagination. With my still life I work directly from much loved objects, however in both subjects my concern and interest is in mark making, the expressiveness of exploring and creating a visual language. My main medium is oil, but I also like to use a wide range of materials including charcoal, acrylic, ink and pastel. Building layers, brush marks, gestural marks, drips, splashes, scratches, thin washes through to the juicy thickness of impasto, the wonder and joy of colour.” Gill Gathercole

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