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Amanda Wray

Sculptor, Printmaker & Animator

Amanda Wray has exhibited her artworks widely in this country and in Europe. she has also employed her skills to complete many exciting public art projects, often involving schools and communities. Her permanently sited sculptures can be seen in many locations around the UK.
Amanda loves making things and working with many different materials, especially clay, stone and mosaic.

"I work in a figurative style and people find my sculptures meaningful, accessible and often humorous.  I have exhibited my artworks widely in this country and in Europe, and I have enjoyed making many exciting public artworks, regularly collaborating with other creatives and often involving schools and communities. 

I love to actually make stuff and I really enjoy using a variety of materials ranging from recycled bits and pieces to more traditional skills.  I have employed all sorts of companies to work to my designs from metal fabricators to resin bound glass flooring companies, but I am always happiest when making things by hand myself using clay, stone and colourful mosaics." 
Amanda Wray 2014

Amanda graduated from Sheffield Polytechnic, (Sheffield Hallam University) in Fine Art Sculpture in 1989.  She currently lives and works in Wirksworth.