I agreed to jump from the 10 metre diving board at Ponds Forge as part of our fundraising milestones and here is me practicing! I am genuinely terrified of doing this! K x

Cupola, Preserve & Rescue…

Can you help?

Truth be told, I, or rather Cupola, has a problem and although I don't like asking, to put it very simply...

We need some help!

The floor of the framing department is likely to collapse within 6 months unless urgent repairs are carried out and the costs are coming in at an eye watering amount! Sadly this is our responsibility under lease. There are a number of other significant building repairs also needed but nothing as urgent as the state of the floor.

SO, we have just launched a Crowdfunding campaign, and a Just giving Page. We are hoping to launch a Patreon page and are organising a secret postcard show amongst other things and are looking for other ideas & recommendations. Any offers of help are most gratefully accepted.

Ideally we need to raise around £40,000 – which is a terrifying target.


Our fundraising campaign is being launched under the title CPR, Cupola, Preserve and Rescue.

We already have some fundraising ideas, but the more the merrier!

So not in any particular order we are looking for the following:

  • volunteer helpers/CPR champions!

  • recommendations for builders, electricians, window fitters, joiners, people with vans..etc

  • offers or ideas for crowdfunding rewards focussing on £20 value donations (most popular gifted amount)

  • fundraising ideas/offers

  • raffle prize rewards or offers or suggestions for whom to approach...

  • ideas around gifts/merchandising

  • sponsorship ideas

  • recommendations for event venues

  • people to share our secret postcard show details and encourage people to take part.

  • Offers of Short video - 'vox pops' – sharing thoughts/comments/artwork bought or sold/experiences had at Cupola Gallery over the years.

Anything at all you can offer will most assuredly be appreciated. Happy to hear mad, bad and off the wall ideas – anything at all. Let's get those creative juices flowing!!

I very much look forward to hearing from you.  Drop us a email to karen@cupolagallery.com or call (0114) 285 2665.

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