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Gone by Catherine Higham

Gone by Catherine Higham
10 February – 10 March
Opening 7:30pm Friday 9 February

'Gone' is arriving at Cupola Gallery 9 February.

'You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone' is a phrase we all know and this exhibition attempts to capture the essence of transient spaces.

“Catherine Higham is the artist behind 'Gone' and will be exhibiting around 20 mixed media works on canvas and wood panel varying in size from 20cms to just under a metre square.  Images often are monochrome, black, white and grey or include just a hint or a wash of colour. Less is so often  more in art work and learning when to leave a surface alone, is one of the many challenges of painting. Catherine's images are often abstract but occasionally hint at the shape or a structure  of what 'was'.  The surfaces of Catherine's paintings float and tease you into projecting your own reality onto these simple and often quite 'empty' images. However, it is unfair to say the images are truly empty as the textures of the marks made with either pencil, ink or paint combined with the surfaces of the canvas or wooden panel give you plenty to look at and enjoy.” Karen Sherwood, Director, Cupola Gallery.

In Catherine's own words:

“‘Gone’ is an exhibition of recent paintings and drawings exploring transient spaces, structures and surfaces; some previously occupied but now empty, with traces of lost forms or past activities; natural and artificial environments in flux, obscured or on the edge of collapse. Ideas are expressed using a pared down, modest palette of materials and colour.  I like the idea of creating raw, simple artworks in an age of information overload.” Catherine Higham.

Catherine Higham has a degree in Fine Art from Bath School of Art & Design (1999-2002) and an MA in Landscape Architecture (2003-2005) from the University of Sheffield.  She currently works as a self-employed artist, landscape architect and guest tutor at the University of Sheffield’s School of Landscape Architecture.    

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