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Mari-Ruth Oda


Artist Statement

'My work is influenced by the traditional Japanese concept of worshipping nature. Many of the stone gardens in Japan deal with the idea of recreating nature and providing a contemplative situation in which the spirit can be purified. In a similar way, I try to recreate my experiences of nature through my work.

I work from observational drawings and photographs of fruits, vegetables and bones as well as the human figure and landscapes. Through these influences and observations I explore the anthropomorphic quality of natural forms. I aim to achieve in my forms and situations, a tactile quality that is serene and calm.' Mari-Ruth Oda


In her work Mari-Ruth Oda explores the intricate matrix of repetition that appears throughout the natural world, citing nature’s design to unveil it’s organic beauty and serenity. It is when such beauty is lifted from context that the interpretation process can be allowed to stray into the wonders of ambiguity.

Mari-Ruth Oda is a Japanese artist and designer. As a child she lived all over the world including Tokyo and New York before moving to Manchester to study 3D design at MMU. She still lives and works in Manchester. In 1998 Oda set up her own studio where she has created pieces that have been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums including the prestigious Royal Academy and V&A Museum of London.