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Michael Kusz


I am a Yorkshire based sculptor creating unique works from recycled materials, mainly copper. Growing up in South Wales gave a strong sense of industrial history. I had access to all sorts of old tools and materials – ideal for an inquisitive mind – and spent hours creating things, exploring         materials and  processes and setting a solid foundation for the work I produce today.

My current work aims to recapture the essence of my childhood. Growing up in a period of bland utility I wanted to re-embody the previous age where even the most everyday objects held beauty in their design. To incorporate aspects of myself in this aim I integrate rooks into my work. I identify with rooks on a personal level - asides from being the main element in the coat of arms of my ancestors – they are gregarious, mischievous and demonstrate a clear sense of freedom and fun, everything I want my work to express.

Copper is the predominant material I work with. A fantastic metal - versatile in the extreme – and on top of that its range of colours due to the natural oxidation of the surface is superb. Its ease to manipulate allows me to express any form and style that I intend to. It allows the pieces to be built to last, taking up to 90 years outside to turn from bright copper to verdigris green. Furthermore the aspect of recycling – giving something a new life – lends itself to copper perfectly.