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Morwenna Catt

Morwenna Catt is an internationally exhibiting artist / designer with a specialism in textiles & sculptural textiles, Her work often responds to literary and heritage themes. Recent work includes a large scale textile installation about the way we remember and commemorate WWI. She is currently working on a series of 'modern Shamanic' pieces, creating embroidered totemic creatures, gowns and headdresses.  She lives and works between Norway & the UK.

Morwenna has developed a parallel freelance Art & Design career; managing, devising, consulting and leading arts projects in community and public settings as well as illustration, design and commissions.

She has worked on many large scale projects and events as both a Creative Director and as a hands on artist, designing and making extravagant costumes and big build structures for events and Theatre companies and creating props and scenic elements for private gatherings and functions.