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Wayne Charmer

‘I immediately became attracted to working with glass during my time at university, I was drawn to the complex and challenging process of manipulating a material from a solid form to become fluid whilst in the kiln. I aim is to capture this fluidity in the final cooling process and present an organic characteristic to my work . The glass undergoes many transformations whilst firing and the not knowing aspect during this change is the attraction. Over the years I have developed a clearer understanding of the material yet I strive to develop new ways of working to explore and exploit the qualities of glass and this always presents new obstacles to over come which retain my initial fascination in working with this medium.’  

‘Nature has become a dominant influence behind my latest work, spending most my mornings and afternoons walking my four legged companions in and around the kent countryside has been the driving force of my inspiration. I’am fascinated with the raw texture’s and forms found within our natural terrain, from the everyday bark, to land and rock formations which ever so frequently its elegance can be overlooked.’

‘My intention is to generate both simple and complex structures which embody both opaque and transparent variations, with the aim to exploit the translucent and reflective characteristics of glass. The fabrication begins by carefully aligning glass pieces into a pre-made mould and gradually heated up over a number of days in the kiln then cooled where subtle forms become frozen and undefined edges emerge revealing evidence of its former existence. My intention is to create a body of work which is sympathetic to its origin and encapsulate the beauty that nature offers.’