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Ann Povey


"My work has always involved an element of recycling and reusing old and vintage items. I have collected and collated a sizeable amount of these objects, all are precious to me and all have a story to tell.

This passion for old and used objects began upon the discovery of an old biscuit tin that belonged to Great Uncle Lewis. Within this old and battered tin was a collection of saved objects, all of them precious in some way to Uncle. Memories of this wonderful gentleman came flooding back to me. He had a superb moustache, always wore a shirt and tie, a waistcoat, and a pocket watch and chain, even in summer, he was a working farmer. Uncle Lewis’s sense of humour was wicked; I still have wonderful memories of his antics and his handstands using two croquet hooks.

Because this discovery evoked fond memories I felt that other items that I remember from my childhood would do the same, and if it worked for me then perhaps others would reminisce upon seeing, touching and even owning such items.

So my work has two distinct elements, the handmade, in the form of metals and ceramics combined with found objects. The objects are of course old and forgotten, used and discarded, they appear to have little or no intrinsic value but seem to dictate what their ultimate purpose will be and which material they will be partnered with.  

I create cutlery, tools and utensils, utilising the found objects as handles, the cutlery and tools are made from base metals or silver and are enamelled, textured, oxidised or patinated, therefore rendering them impractical for everyday use. 

The ceramics are hand built from porcelain and are glazed and have gold lustre rims, the sugar bowls, teapots and jam pots are given ill fitting lonely found teapot lids rescued from junk shops. Wobbly three-tier cake stands balance on vintage cups found minus their saucers, creating an Alice in Wonderful tea party effect." Ann Povey