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Makers Mark - Selected Group Show

Makers Mark

Group show

13 July – 24 August

Opening 7:30pm Friday 12 July

PLUS: Live Performance by Les Petroleuses at 8pm on the opening. See our NEWS section for more details.

From brush strokes to finger prints, drips and dribbles to chisel or saw marks, in our new exhibition Cupola Contemporary Art is looking to explore the hand of the maker in the work. Leaving behind the slick high tech polish we are looking for artists and makers who embrace the raw and unfiltered. For those who like to let the means of production shine through.

Artists taking part include:

Alysia Webster, Ann Bates, Barry Cottrell, Brian Holland, Beca Beeby, Clee Claire Lee, Deiniol Williams, Emma-Jane Rule, Fleur Simon, Hilary Cartmel, Jacqui Gallon, John Brokenshire, John Pedder, Julia Poulton, Karen Sherwood, Lin Cheung, Melissa Montague, Miguel Sopena, Milena Xenaki, Modern Floss – Charlotte Taylor, Molly Goldwater, Paul Morley, Pauline Rignall, Rebeka, Sara Szigethy, Sam Lander, Sonia Tyrna, Stathis Dimitriadis

As part of the Makers Mark Exhibition Les Petroleuses (improvising arsonists Lyn Hodnett and Gillian Whiteley) do a slow burn, kindle the flames and rip it up sonically, visually and vocally on cello, violin, trumpet, hurdy-gurdy, accordions, wind-up record player, scissors, paper, stone, graphite, vocals, things that jangle, assorted objects, other stuff and whatever takes our fancy…

Sparks may fly…but always expect a blazing din and a warm glow

Les Petroleuses - Improvised Sound/Visual/Performance/Exploration. https://bricolagekitchen.com/les-petroleuses/

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Uncertain Spaces: Kenopsia - Andy Cropper

A preview of paintings from the upcoming show .

kenopsia, n. the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that's usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet-a school hallway in the evening, an unlit office on a weekend, vacant fairgrounds-an emotional afterimage that makes it seem not just empty but hyper-empty, with a total population in the negative, who are so conspicuously absent they glow like neon signs.

Review by Sean Williams on Our Favourite Places (here)

“Forty paintings in three distinct sizes – small, medium and large – each in the notoriously difficult square format, challenging the artist’s compositional skills. Located in both spaces in Sheffield’s excellent Cupola Gallery, Andy Cropper’s latest exhibition is essential viewing for lovers of painting and of Sheffield.

Andy is an artist who clearly relishes a challenge. Witness Construction, an impossible jigsaw puzzle of the interweaving girders and beams of a multi-storey building in the making, internal lights of various degrees of brightness poking through the gaps. It is an extraordinary painting, looking typically photographic from a distance, drawing the viewer in to reveal marks more painterly than might be expected. Patches of underpainting are allowed to create effects of diffused light, reflections and shadows; thick blobs of white for bright light and highlights; lines subtly etched into oil paint suggest mortar lines in brickwork. It is a masterly understanding of oil paint and its inherent qualities and capabilities. This knowledge is not only acquired from books, it is also from handling paint and testing it out, again and again.

This scene of construction is an unusual choice of subject matter – not least because of its staggering complexity – but is indicative of a changing city, one that threatens to leave behind some of the other places that fall under Andy’s particular gaze. In addition to being poignant snapshots of contemporary urban living these paintings also appear to be moments of epiphany for the artist, awestruck by something beyond words – a tension, a mysterious weight. He invests time and faith in the act of painting in a gentle invitation to us, the spectator, to similarly consider their psychological implications and resonances.

As a whole, Uncertain Spaces is a thorough exploration of the overlooked areas of a fascinating city, yet amongst the works on display there are nuances of the eerie atmosphere that nighttime creates. Loading Bay is a melancholic musing on an all-too-familiar scene of abandonment, with the artist wringing out details that act as clues to previous activity; Tree Silhouette, in contrast, is a delicate, sombre contemplation of life on the edge of the city, a possible metaphor for isolation, rendered in suitably restrained brushwork and of breathtaking beauty; and Welcome sees the artist give a gnarled entrance to a car-park a curious majesty, a gateway to more dark corners.”

Uncertain Spaces:


Andy Cropper

8 June – 6 July

'kenopsia', (from the Greek, kenosis "emptiness" + opsia "seeing")

n. the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that’s usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet, an emotional afterimage that makes it seem not just empty but hyper-empty, with a total population in the negative, who are so conspicuously absent they glow like neon signs.

Uncertain Spaces: Kenopsia is Andy's fourth solo show created over the past few years exploring Sheffield's in-between spaces and non-places. The exhibition is composed of 'realist' paintings.

Choosing to be called a 'realist' painter instead of a 'photorealist,' Andy intentionally chooses to allow an element of painterly mark making rather than eliminating it with a blended photographic perfection.

“This project is ….trying to come out with investigations of spaces that we don’t want to look at, and trying to find something within that.” Andy Cropper

FREE artists talks: Thursday 20 June, 7:30pm

Two Sheffield based award winning artists, Joanna Whittle & Andy Cropper, share insights behind their work including; from where they draw inspiration, and possibly, a few secrets behind the actual creation of their paintings. Short informal talks followed by Q & A.

BOOKING: Although not necessary we suggest booking a place as there is limited space and seating available. Please book here via Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/artiststalks or simply call Cupola on 0114 285 2665. * please note anyone with significant mobility issues may struggle to access the venue due to stairs. We will record the talks and publish the link on our website.

Joanna Whittle studied at Central St Martins and the Royal Collage of Art and moved to Sheffield in 2017. She has already left her mark on the city via a mural commission in Kelham Island for Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust and a curated exhibition at the recently established Sidney & Matlida Gallery. Joanna is the recipient of numerous awards and was selected for the prestigious John Moores painting prize in 2018. We are delighted to be hosting her first solo show in Sheffield at Cupola Gallery in October this year. Joanna will be sharing and explaining some of the inspirations behind her paintings including but not limited to deserts, ancient forts, festivals....

Andy Cropper studied at Sheffield Hallam and lives and works in Sheffield. Andy will talk about his painting practice and how this current body of work has evolved.

“We are delighted to be able to offer visitors a chance to meet two artists happy to share extra insights into their work. No artistic knowledge is necessary and all are welcome to enjoy two informal, friendly talks by two talented Sheffield based artists. Hospitality will be provided.” Karen Sherwood, Director.

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to Jun 1

Vessel - Northern Potters Association

Artists taking part include:

Adrian Bates, Alison Wren, Andrew Caines, Bev Seth, Beverley Sommerville, Brian Holland, Carl Gray, Catriona Archibald, Claire Allam, David Helm, Debbie Michaels, Deiniol Williams, Emmeline Butler, Eric Moss, Frances Lee, Gabi Komar-Dixon, Helen Graham, Isabel Denyer, Janet Halligan, Jill Ford, Kathryn Watson, Kit (Kathryn) Hemsley, Krishna Alageswaran, Nicola Briggs, Olinda Everett, Penny Withers, Peter Swailes, Sarah Villeneau, Sheila Spencer, Simone Abram


Northern Potters Association

27 April – 1 June

FREE artists’ talks

Saturday 25 May: 2-3:30pm

For details and or to book a place visit:


Vessel - according to the dictionary


1. a craft for traveling on water, now usually one larger than an ordinary rowboat; a ship or boat.

2. an airship.

3. a hollow or concave utensil, as a cup, bowl, pitcher, or vase, used for holding liquids or other contents.

4. Anatomy, Zoology. a tube or duct, as an artery or vein, containing or conveying blood or some other body fluid.

5. Botany. a duct formed in the xylem, composed of connected cells that have lost their intervening partitions, that conducts water and mineral nutrients.

Compare tracheid.

6. a person regarded as a holder or receiver of something, especially something nonmaterial:

a vessel of grace; a vessel of wrath.

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City of Hope - Sweet + Shore
to Apr 20

City of Hope - Sweet + Shore

Cupola Gallery is excited to welcome Anne Penman Sweet back to the gallery this time accompanied by Dr Jesse Shore as Sweet+Shore.  This collaboration is an exciting exploration of the intersection between art and science.

Anne Penman Sweet is a visual artist who has been exhibiting internationally for the last 18 years. Dr Jesse Shore was Senior Curator of Sciences at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

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to Mar 9

The Way of All Flesh - Jamie Frost

invite front.jpg

The Way of All Flesh
Jamie Frost

9 February – 9 March
Opening 7:30pm Friday 8 February

The Way of All Flesh presents an exhibition of elegantly crafted and powerful figurative sculptures. Artist Jamie Frost brings the tradition of wood carving into a contemporary gallery setting. The smell, textures and colours of the sculptures make this exhibition a multi-sensory experience, where bark, saw marks and energetic splinters contrast with fine craftsmanship.

'Wood is a fleshy material and I want the visitor to have a sense of the figures I make, not just see them. In their presence it's hard, even for me, not to feel something when looking them in the eye. Whilst making I think about the people I draw, the people I've known, the person I am. I invite people to identify with these sculptures - an affinity with the material should make that possible.' Jamie Frost

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to Feb 2


now then image.jpg

10 January - 2 February
Doors open 10am til 8pm Thursday 10th January
10am - 6pm Mon - Sat until 2nd February

Cupola's infamous sale is back! This is an opportunity for artists to sell off older, not quite perfect or experimental work at bargain prices and for art lovers to enjoy a rummage through approximately 3000 items and uncover a hidden treasure!

Prices from £1 - £350
Doors open 10am til 8pm Thursday 10th January
New items will arrive throughout the sale period.

Artist wishing to bring work for the sale can download paperwork here

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to Jan 5

Human - Christmas Exhibition

“Diverse creativity is what makes us human.”

It is a strongly held belief that our desire as a species to make 'art for art's sake' as opposed for a clearly functional purpose is a core characteristic of what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Whether or not this is true, we seem to have been making objects and painting since we began walking upright and Cupola wishes to celebrate some of the diverse talents of contemporary artists and makers in this exhibition.

Around 50 artists will be exhibiting their work for sale across a range of disciplines including but not limited to: painting, sculpture, printmaking, glass, ceramics, jewellery, photography, drawing and textiles.

“Christmas is a time of celebration and of gift giving. We hope that you might choose to celebrate the season by sharing the gift of creativity and celebrating these artists and their life affirming talents.” Karen Sherwood, Director.

Artists taking part include: Alison Britton-Patterson, Alison Tyldesley, Amanda Wray, Anna Donovan, Annette Petch, Antonia Salmon, Antje Ernestus, Barbara Sykes, Bruce Hardwick & Lynn Critchlow, Catriona Archibald, Charlotte Chisholm, Chris Donnelly, Chris Eastham, Clare Phelan, Colleen Penny, Corrina Rothwell, Craig Underhill, David Lucas, Ella Robinson, Errol Sweetland, Fiona Thompson, Gavin Edwards, Gill Gathercole, Hanne Westergaard, Harriet McKenzie, Hilary Cartmel, Jamie Frost, Jennie McCall, Jennifer Kelly, Jessica Briggs, Jessie Lee, Joanna Whittle, Jo Brown, John Brokenshire, Karen Shapley, Karen Sherwood, Kate Kelly, Kate Sully, Kaye Wilson, Kev Clarke, Kristel Collison, Lenka Davidikova, Lorna Fellas, Lyn Hodnett, Lisa Slinn, Loukas Georgiou, Mariel Borst Pauwels, Maria Connolly, Minne de Lange, Neil Tunnecliff, Nick Claiden, Olivia Bliss, Pauline Rignall, Penelope Hayes, Rachel Wood, Ralph Shuttleworth, Russel Kingston, Ryoko Minamitani, Sarah Villeneau, Stephen Horsted, Stephen Todd, Tracey Keeping, Viv Owen, Willie Robb


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Unique Beauty
to Jan 6

Unique Beauty

Unique Beauty
25 November  - 6 January 2018
Opening Friday 24 November 7:30pm, Hospitality Provided

Over 50 artists are taking part in this, Cupola's ever popular, Christmas exhibition.  Every year we take it upon ourselves to showcase and celebrate the work of a large number of creative artists working across media.   All four gallery show spaces will be filled with a diverse selection of work from artists new to the gallery as well as from our regular artists.

Artworks will include but are not limited to:
Painting . printmaking . sculpture . photography . glass . ceramics . textiles . jewellery . artist made books.

Artists taking part include: - this may be subject to change

Ali Thompson, Alison Tyldesley, Allister Malcolm, Ann Povey, Antonia Salmon, Bev Seth, Bren Head, Bruce Hardwick & Lynn Critchlow, Cath Dunn, Clare Bassett, Clare Pearl, Corinna Button, David Mayne, Eleni Tsakalou, Eric Moss, Fumi, Hanne Westergaard, Hazel Burnham, Hilary Mee, Jad Oakes, James Garland-Taylor, Jennie McCall, Jessica Briggs, Joanna Whittle, John Brokenshire, John Burks, Julie Lee, Karen Sherwood, Karoline Rerrie, Kirsty E Smith, Lee Hardman, Lisa V Robinson, Lorna fellas, Lyn Hodnett, Lynne Chapman, Mariel Borst Pauwels, Mingyi Wang, Myfanwy Williams, Nicki Dennett, Paul Evans, Pauline Rignall, Penny Philips, Rebecca Brown, Ryoko Minamitani, Sarah Saunders, Sarah Payne, Stephen Todd, Shakspeare Glass, Tessa Jane, Tom Berry, Valerie Daval, Wendy Connelly

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Original 200
to Oct 14

Original 200

Original 200
2 September - 14 October
Opening Friday 1 September 7:30pm, Hospitality Provided

What can you get in a gallery for £200?

What is the value of art and does it have anything to do with its price?”

This is the rather thorny question the Cupola Gallery is positing in its exhibition 'Original 200'. How do we value time, originality, craft, skill, materials, talent?

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Camino by John Brokenshire
to Aug 26

Camino by John Brokenshire

29 July - 26 August
Opening Friday 28th July 7:30pm, hospitality provided

"My walk on the Camino  was a journey across a varying landscape , sometimes  at high elevations: the Pyrenees and  mountains of Galicia, sometimes  endless plains and vineyards -  the  regions of Navarra and Rioja,  Castille Leon, and the legendary Meseta.  It was an experience of long days of walking, surrendering to the rhythm of my footsteps.  The connection of the pilgrims from medieval times to those I had followed on Youtube in preparation, numberless over time." John brokenshire

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Colour Code
to Jul 22

Colour Code

Colour Code is a selected exhibition across media featuring the work of over 25 artists. Colour is a powerful communication tool and is used world wide in myriad ways to convey everything from emotions and political allegiance to identity and instruction. Colour is both fascinating and seductive.

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From This To That by Neil Tunnecliffe & Ian Fink
to Jun 3

From This To That by Neil Tunnecliffe & Ian Fink

From this to that by Neil Tunnecliffe & Ian Fink
6 May - 3 June
Opening 7:30pm Friday 5 May, hospitality Provided

Neil Tunnecliff has regularly shown with Cupola Gallery over the past 7 years.  Neil's first solo show with Cupola took place in 2012.  Neils work is reductive building layers of paint before excavating through the sedimentary strata to reveal a painterly style reminiscent of the classic American Expressionists.

Ian Fink will be making his Cupola Gallery debut.  Ian comes from a background in contemporary urban art and graphics having previously shown at Surface Gallery in Nottingham.  His style has shifted becoming expressive and painterly since 2014.

"Experimentation and chance play major roles in the work I produce. The methods are developed through layering, deconstructing and recomposing existing visual elements, allowing chance to play a role." Neil Tunnecliffe

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to Apr 28



A mixed Group Show

FREE talks:Saturday 22 April, 2pm

Mark Wrigley - Electro Magnetic Waves
Rachel Carter - Weaving in bronze

Here is a short video of Rachel working on a bronze cast http://bit.ly/2nx3ZrF

Details will be posted shortly.  Booking advised due to limited space but not required. To book a place click here

Featuring Sabine Bieli, Russell Lumb, Jacob Weeks, Aurore Garnier, Klaus Pinter, Rachel McDonnell, Patricia Ferguson, Adrian Lock, Rachel Carter, Patrick Gomersal, Kim Hubball, Kate Walters, Rachel Collier-Wilson, Maggie Thompson, Hannah Robson, Ryan Gaylor, Eileen White & Belinda Mitchell, Nick Hunter, Adrian Look, Morwenna Catt, Shaeron Caton-Rose

noun: perception; plural noun: perceptions

  1. the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

    "the normal limits to human perception"

    • awareness of something through the senses.

      "the perception of pain"


      the neurophysiological processes, including memory, by which an organism becomes aware of and interprets external stimuli.

  2. the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.

    "Hollywood's perception of the tastes of the American public"

    • intuitive understanding and insight. 

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to Mar 11

Beyond Demons & Angels - Bruce Rimell

Beyond Demons & Angels
Bruce Rimell
11th February - 11th March
opening 7:30pm Friday 10th February

Bruce Rimell will be giving a free talk on 4th March 3.30pm to book a place please click HERE

“Out beyond ideas of Right and Wrong, there is a field. I'll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about...”–Rumi

Beyond Demons & Angels presents a retrospective of Bruce Rimells paintings over the past 5 years.

"Dreams, visions and meditations reveal shimmering animisms,  playful magic and novel mythical beings abounding in a visionary space which is simultaneously accessible and familiar to all while being oddly esoteric and otherworldly. The direct experience of these inner images is often estranging yet deeply life-affirming: come and see how the curious world of the mystic meets the inner vitality of the shaman." Bruce Rimell

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Revelation - Kate Sully
to Mar 11

Revelation - Kate Sully

Kate Sully is investigating 'within ' using images from bio engineering research as well as cutting edge technology in the world of reproduction as inspiration to create mixed media artworks that become the conduit between art and science. 

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Under The Bed Sale
to Feb 4

Under The Bed Sale

Under The Bed Sale 2017
Jan 10 – 4 February
Evening opening: Friday 13 January from 7:30pm – all welcome. Hospitality provided.

For those unaware of the Under The Bed Sale, it is a sale unlike any other.  Prices are not reduced on current work displayed at the gallery.  Cupola asks artists to send in older and early work that they no longer hold dear, that may have been stored 'under their bed' or hidden in an attic, loft, studio, garage or even at their parent's or friend's house.  All artists constantly make new work and this is an opportunity to sell off that older work at bargain prices to make room or even 'head space' for something new. 

Uniquely this sale is completely unselected*, so everything the gallery is sent is put out for sale. This creates a huge diversity in the sale offer and makes for excellent rummaging opportunities.   Cupola wishes to stress this is a 'sale' rather than an exhibition and is likely to make the hanging of the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy look 'sparse' in comparison.  Expect around 2000 items to be available for sale and some incredible bargains!  

Prices will not exceed £350 for any single item and there will be work from as little, if not less than, £1. 

In fact the Sale has proved so popular, other Under The Bed Sales have been popping up around the country.  Well, if an idea is a good one, it is likely to catch on.  But remember,  Cupola's Under The Bed Sale is the original and still the best!

Expect to find work across all media:

Painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, glass, jewellery, sculpture, textiles and 'other' will be represented!

Doors open 10am Tuesday 10 January.


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To please a few
to Jan 7

To please a few

'To please a few' is a selected mixed group exhibition of work across all media.   Painting, printmaking, ceramics, glass, sculpture, photography, jewellery, textiles and new media will be represented. Work for sale.  Over 50 artists will be presenting work as part of this exhibition with approximately 20 artists new to the gallery.  Prices from under £5-£2000.

"Art work made with integrity and unique vision is not going to please everyone, but we hope this selection may absolutely delight a few." Karen Sherwood, Director & curator

Please note: Cupola will open the following Sundays in the run up to Christmas

27 November, 4, 11 & 18 December
Sunday opening times: 12-4pm

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Caught In The Act - Corinna Button
to Nov 19

Caught In The Act - Corinna Button

Caught in the act
Corinna Button
22nd October - 19th November

Artist talk: Sat 19 November, 11am. 

Corinna has kindly agreed to deliver a short informal talk about her work. All welcome.  Booking not required but places will be limited so come promptly to avoid disappointment.


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One Makers Making by Jessica Briggs
to Oct 15

One Makers Making by Jessica Briggs

Jessica Briggs

Jessica Briggs
17 September – 15 October 2016

FREE talk by Jessica on Saturday 15 October 2pm.  Hospitality provided. Booking not required.

Visit Jessica's page here.


It is 24 years since Jessica Briggs first struck metal with a hammer at a Jewellery/Silversmithing evening class in Sheffield. This was Jessica's 'eureka' moment which led to the setting up and running of her successful jewelry business.

This exhibition gives the artist an opportunity to show her making career through key past pieces to new work, whilst placing them in the wider context of influences and methodologies.

From Jessica's drawing days as a Manchester ‘Textiles’ student, through early recycled and daisy pieces, recurrent themes emerge as her skill base broadens. The MA work shows a departure from more accessible/commercial jewellery and it is during this  course that Jessica first introduces her Type 1 Diabetes as an expressive theme.
The intricacies of having to manage this disease form the age of 13 provided the artist with a rich seam to explore and interpret. These pieces are 3 dimensional drawings in wire.

 Whilst studying for an MA in Metalwork and Jewellery at SHU, Jessica began using the rolling mill to texture and pattern silver sheet. Sharing the studio space was a visiting Korean tutor who introduced the artist to the ancient Korean technique of fusing gold to silver known as kuem-boo. This, in combination with rolling sheet silver was to provide the key to future work.

Through texturing, patterning, adding gold selectively and often oxidizing pieces to produce tones of grey, Jessica has developed a series of low-tech methodologies which allow her to fully explore jewellery as a series of decorative surfaces.

Jessica says of these techniques, “I love this way of working and the possibilities it holds are endless and diverse.”

Jessica explains that inspiration for work can come from anywhere: “the 70’s patterned glass in my workshop window spawned a whole series of work ; buttons have provided many a starting point ; plants and insects are always interesting ; a new fabric texture can suggest new forms.”

When making work, the artist often keeps the flotsam that remains. These leftover bits of fabric and paper have a fragile beauty of their own and have been elevated from drawer to frame as part of this exhibition.

 “I hope that this exhibition of both jewellery and supportive work will provide an interesting and informative view into my life as a maker.”Jessica Briggs

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The Beautiful is Always Bizarre
to Sep 10

The Beautiful is Always Bizarre

"The Beautiful is Always Bizarre."
Charles Baudelaire

Selected mIxed group show

The title of the exhibition is a quote from Charles Baudelaire and artists were invited to submit work that responded to and/or resonated with the quote.

The result is an incredibly diverse selection of work featuring photography, sculpture, painting, printmaking, ceramics, textiles and mixed media work.

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