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I am a professional ceramic artist and have exhibited widely in the UK. I take commissions and residencies as well as providing community and school workshops in a variety of disciplines.

I teach all ages and abilities from nursery to the elderly, adult ed and special needs.

I exhibited successfully throughout the UK until the birth of my second child in 2002 when my own work had to take a back seat, I concentrated more on the teaching side of things; offering many more workshops within the community.

I always felt very passionately about accessing art to a wider audience and as my 'making' time had been encompassed by motherhood and all the joys that brings, I took the opportunity to spread more creativity in as many different places as I could.

Through this time I have gained a wealth of experience in different areas of art, I offer workshops to the very young and the elderly and all those people in-between.
These workshops include: pottery, willow, mosaic, sculpture, wire, printmaking, paper and mixed crafts and living willow sculptures.

Since 2008 I have returned to ceramics again, it's like being with old friends, a familiar and safe feeling.

Some of my pieces are autobiographical; others are informed through my day-to-day observations of life. My passion comes from enjoying the medium of clay and the many processes and journeys it takes to get from A to B.

Back in 2010 I spent six months on an AA2A artist residency at Doncaster University where I used my time researching and exploring new ways of making my work. I wanted to keep the same themes but approach my work differently.

I experimented with screen printing onto slabs of clay and building my figures using these slabs, I have tried and tested many different ways of putting images onto clay and I have finally come up with something that I am happy with for the moment.

More recently I have been exploring the animal kingdom and I am now working with a small menagerie of a select few, I am trying to combine these new animals with my gorgeous ladies and all of the above techniques, at each corner I come across another technique I want to explore further and so the world keeps turning and spinning and I keep on being inspired by the wonders of clay!

Anna-Mercedes Wear
1968 - 2018


It is with deep sadness that we share the news that Anna Mercedes Wear finally lost her battle with cancer in early September. Many are grieving the loss of this talented vibrant woman who has left us too soon. We are keeping this page up in remembrance and celebration of her life and talent.

Our sincere love and deepest condolences are with the family at this dreadful and difficult time.

Anna’s Statement:
”My work is primarily concerned with the female figure I have spent my time looking at women in today's society and also historically and then I have tried to interpret my own version of these two things.

I have portrayed women in a female way that is to say in a way that is different from a male point of view with no voyeurism or desire but with honest emotion and delight.

I use a good deal of humour in my work as a vehicle to get across messages not because humour makes fun of things but because it is fundamental to our learning process. Humour breaks down barriers and invites people to understand their own feelings and emotions and breaks down those pre-conceived notions, which says that all art should be serious!” AMW

Only a few years ago Anna moved into making her ‘signature’ foxes that proved an enormous hit and so her repertoire began to also include a range of domestic and wild animals. Her humour and distinctive style meant that whether animal or human her work was always immediately recognisible.