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Antonia Salmon


Antonia Salmon was brought up in a household dedicated to modern sculpture and architecture, and her childhood was infused with an awareness of form and space. This is the abiding focus of her work in ceramics.

After studying Geography at Sheffield University she trained at Harrow School of Art in Studio pottery. A year spent studying in the Middle East and India made a deep impression on her approach to work and, soon after her return to England in 1984, the first workshop was set up in Barbican , London. By 1989, in search of a life nearer open countryside she moved to Sheffield where she still lives. Her work in ceramics is now widely exhibited in Britain, mainland Europe and the USA.

For 25 years Antonia has been experimenting with different stoneware clays, burnished and smoke fired surfaces. Whether inspired by the landscape, Classical and 20th Century sculpture or ancient handtools, Antonia is concerned with the search for pure strong forms that reflect certain qualities of being. This may be exploring a form that reflects the feeling of holding or the sense of both movement and of stillness within one form. There is the wish that each work may stand as if poised in space, providing a contemplative element and inviting one to reach out and touch.