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Barbara Sykes


Artist Statement:

"In my work I am primarily concerned with describing the human condition and how it presents itself in stories or circumstances.  I often include symbolism and more recently mythology alongside personal experiences, in order to involve a human response.
Drawing is a particularly integral aspect of my work, be it with charcoal, graphite or paint. As the drawn line becomes the wire, Moving with tension ,determined or delicate , leading through each work and capturing the essence.
My work is constructed in layers and I often leave underlying events visible. This allows the light and colour and image to return to the surface and vibrate with each other.
Since completing a Masters Degree in printmaking in 1995 I have extended my practice. I make artists books ( this involves using images made by children, combined with images taken from my own work) I was also influenced by the working methods of Mary Kelly and Rauschenberg. Both artists combine several different working techniques in one arena and this way of working I find very exciting."


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