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Bruce Rimell


Bruce Rimell is a visionary artist based in Leeds-Bradford in the UK whose vibrant work springs from the alchemy of his own personal visions, sensations of archaeological or mythological prehistories, and migraine experiences since childhood. Rendered in a vivid style which as much recalls Aboriginal textures, Mayan codices and Minoan frescoes as it does graffiti art, psychedelic experience and surrealist forms, his art occupies a space somewhere between painting, drawing and illustration, and a time somewhere between
the ancestral past and the shamanic future.

The central focus of his practice is to bring those very ancient archetypes – whether Palaeolithic, Neolithic or sometimes the High Civilisations of the Bronze Age – into the modern field of experience, variously inviting or challenging the viewer to look underneath the contextual aspects of contemporary art and modern experience to view the universalities and disquieting visionary sensations common to all human cultures past and present, and which we have inherited from our ancestors.

He aims to speak to those aspects of us which operate without words – dreams, magic, psychedelic experiences, animistic songlines and other non-rational modes of experience feature strongly – whilst abstract commentaries and critical positions are abandoned in a quest to seek and express direct communion with the deepest essences of the living and sacred human being: Come and see, and look within. What will you find?

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