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Clare Bassett


"Our lives are full of moments of uncertainy or comprehension, of indecision or satisfaction, of patience or frustration, but we quickly move on. I like to pause and capture some of those points in time, which we pass by so swiftly. Just by looking, we are exposed.

I look at the familiar with an unsettling glance, as well as a touch of humour. My figures are not knowing people, assured in their place. For them the world is often a bit of a puzzle. Sometimes their world spirals into the dreamlike and surreal. Things are not always as we think.

I invite the viewer to become part of the moment and to question assumptions. Become part of the story and to observe or identify.

I explore the physicality, as well as the situation, of these people. By their very solidity, they are rooted to the spot. Possibly through choice, possibly through the inabilty to act. In the lithographs working on a piece of stone adds to the monumental nature of the figures. There is a sense of carving the images in two dimensions.

I hope that these pieces manage to stay fresh to the eye, as the discussion between the picture and the viewer continues over time, with new stories and new voices emerging." Clare Bassett

Born in London, England. Brought up in Montreal, Canada. Lives in Oxford with partner. Two sons.

Studied English and Theatre at McGill University, Montreal and Warwick University, UK.
Trained in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College and Islington Institute, London.
Trained in Printmaking at Oxford Printmakers

Selected exhibitions at:

The Mall Gallery, London
Contemporary Print Show, London
A Woman's Touch, Singapore
Manchester Royal Exchange, Manchester
Glasgow Art Fair, StArt Art,
Chelsea Art Fair, Art Partnership
The Art on Paper Fair, Royal College of Art
Byard Art, Cambridge
Frivoli Gallery, London
The Gallery, Cork Street
Pyramid Gallery, York
Wiseman Gallery, Oxford
Cambridge Contemporary Art, Cambridge
New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
Rye Gallery, Rye
Cupola Gallery, Sheffield
Affordable Art Fair, London
Montpelier, Cheltenham
Artspace, Henley
Maymie White, London
Christchurch Picture Gallery, Oxford

Board Member and Area Co-ordinator for Oxfordshire Artweeks.
Associate Member of Oxford Printmakers Co-operative
Member of Oxford Art Society - See more at: http://www.cupolagallery.com/artist.php?ref=363#sthash.Yy4mR63E.dpuf