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Craig Underhill


Artists Statement:

"I am a ceramic artist who uses mark making and drawing techniques to create rich, painterly surfaces on slab built vessel forms that suggest landscape I have visited or travelled through.

I prefer the softer surface that is achieved by using my hands to make a slab, as opposed to the harder and flatter finish achieved with a slab roller. 

Texture is added to the soft slab of clay. Simple wooden tools are used to draw lines into the leatherhard surface. Coloured engobe is used like paint to create the surface imagery. I am cutting shapes from a slab ready to assemble into vessel forms. Pressure is applied with my fingers to make the joins secure. The vessel form is built up using sections of clay. A slab of clay is made bigger by throwing and stretching. I generally work on a group of 4 or 5 pieces at the same time." - Craig Underhill

Craig Underhill works and lives in Birmingham, UK.

1968       Born in Glasgow, Scotland.
1985       Left school and started full time course in general art and design at
                Derbyshire College of HE.
1987       HND ceramics course at Harrow College
1989       BA hons in Fine Art specialising in Ceramics at Portsmouth Polytechnic.
1990       Set up Bartonfields Pottery with partner Emma Spence and started
                teaching at Burton College.
1992       Joined BET 4 Artists group and over the next 5 years took part in
                exhibitions locally and in France and Germany.
1997       Moved to Stourbridge. Started lecturing job at Dudley College. Built                    new studio in the garden.
2005       5 Ways in Clay exhibition at Living Gallery in Stourbridge.
2002      Back to the Beach Exhibition at Rufford Craft Gallery, Nottinghamshire.
2004       Application accepted to exhibit at Earth and Fire ceramics fair at
                Rufford, Nottinghamshire. Awarded Arts Council grant for producing                   and promoting a new body of work.
2005       Reduced teaching commitment at Dudley College to focus on              developing and making new work. Exhibited at Tim Andews Woodbury Gallery, Stour Gallery, Art in Clay at Hatfield House and in a Joint exhibition with Sam Hall at Yorkshire Sculpture Lounge. Became Professional member of the Craft Potters Association
2006       Built new and larger studio in the garden. Received 2nd Arts Council
                grant for producing and promoting a new body of work. Exhibited at
                Gallery Top and Roundhouse Gallery.
2007       Exhibited at Lund Gallery and Bevere Gallery. Exhibited at Porthminster Gallery, St Ives and continues to exhibit there as one of their gallery
2008       Solo show at Alpha House Gallery. Exhibited at Contemporary                           Ceramics and New Ashgate Gallery
2009       Exhibited at Gallery Top and Ceramic Art London at the Royal                            College of Art.
2010       Exhibited at Gallery Top and Ceramic Art London at the Royal College                of Art
2012       Solo Exhibition at Porthminster Gallery, St. Ives.
2013       Invited artist at Landscape and Ceramics symposium, Kecskemet,