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Dan Broughton



"I did a Fine Art degree at the University of Humberside, graduating in 1996. My paintings were selected for that year’s Northern Graduates’ Exhibition and all sold on the opening night at the Royal College of Art.

After university I moved to London and worked as Head Technician at the Francis Kyle Gallery in London’s West End before moving to look after the works going through Christie’s Auctioneers Contemporary Arts Dept.

In 2012 I started attending a local life drawing group and realised how much I missed drawing, discussing ideas and socialising with other artists. I have been striving to improve my drawing and painting since then and have developed a style I feel has originality and artistic value. I am enjoying the rediscovery of my passion for painting, it has been a deeply personal journey which has informed my approach to life in general and enhances my continued growth as an artist.

I have taken part in a few group exhibitions with both the Otley life-drawing group and the Dean Clough group (run in Halifax by artist Doug Binder) and sold a few figure studies. I am approaching galleries for the first time with these new works, all painted in 2018." Dan Broughton