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Martin Hyde


Artist Statement

I'm a modern artist who lives in Ashbourne on the edge of the Peak District in England. I have a Masters of Arts with distinction.  In 2017 my painting 'Drifters' was shortlisted in the prestigious Ashurst Emerging Artist prize. The Ashurst Emerging Art prize is a national art competition held in London. My work was shortlisted out of 3700 entries. I have also been featured in the Best of British Illustration twice for my graphic art work.

In my paintings I try to represent feelings and emotions. Much of my work features abstract figures and landscape representing the complicated web of the way one feels. The primary themes of my work deal with feelings of isolation, belonging, self worth, contentment and love. I try to balance some of the sadness and melancholy found in my work with an optimism and hope for the journey to wellbeing. My work also deals with the fragility of wellness and the recurring emotional journey to maintain this.

My intention is for my art work to be multi layered. I want the viewers understanding of my artwork to evolve over time. I hope the artwork will be enjoyed and that viewers will have some emotional reaction to the work, even if they don't fully understand it. I believe once an art work is completed, the meaning of the art work then becomes the domain of the viewer. It’s important for the viewer to put their own interpretation on the work even if it differs from my original intention.

My paintings are predominantly acrylic on canvas or canvas board.

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