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Debbie Michaels is an HCPC Registered Art Psychotherapist and BACP Registered and Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist working independently in Sheffield.  She has been involved with teaching on the Art Therapy Northern Programme for a number of years, and will shortly be starting her Doctoral studies with Sheffield Hallam University, where she will be exploring reflexive art-making processes as a way of investigating unspoken narratives associated with neurological damage.

Debbie Michaels



"My art-making is informed by personal experience, as well as my professional work as an art psychotherapist.

Artwork is rarely planned, but emerges without conscious intention through a reflexive engagement with the materials and the dynamic interactive forces at play.  My process is concerned with capturing and recording impressions made when different elements meet and interact and the residual marks and traces that remain as a result of these interactions; whether held within the art object or in mind/body.

Emergent themes and narratives, inherent in the complex and often uncertain processes of working with the materials and the human condition, appear to consider states of conflict, tension, transition and transformation.  I am particularly intrigued by how my feelings and thoughts in response to art-making processes both inform and transform a piece of work as it develops,  and how the resonances of others who view the work, may offer previously unthought and unknown meanings; at personal, cultural and socio-political levels." - Debbie Michaels