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Human - Christmas Exhibition

“Diverse creativity is what makes us human.”

It is a strongly held belief that our desire as a species to make 'art for art's sake' as opposed for a clearly functional purpose is a core characteristic of what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Whether or not this is true, we seem to have been making objects and painting since we began walking upright and Cupola wishes to celebrate some of the diverse talents of contemporary artists and makers in this exhibition.

Around 50 artists will be exhibiting their work for sale across a range of disciplines including but not limited to: painting, sculpture, printmaking, glass, ceramics, jewellery, photography, drawing and textiles.

“Christmas is a time of celebration and of gift giving. We hope that you might choose to celebrate the season by sharing the gift of creativity and celebrating these artists and their life affirming talents.” Karen Sherwood, Director.

Artists taking part include: Alison Britton-Patterson, Alison Tyldesley, Amanda Wray, Anna Donovan, Annette Petch, Antonia Salmon, Antje Ernestus, Barbara Sykes, Bruce Hardwick & Lynn Critchlow, Catriona Archibald, Charlotte Chisholm, Chris Donnelly, Chris Eastham, Clare Phelan, Colleen Penny, Corrina Rothwell, Craig Underhill, David Lucas, Ella Robinson, Errol Sweetland, Fiona Thompson, Gavin Edwards, Gill Gathercole, Hanne Westergaard, Harriet McKenzie, Hilary Cartmel, Jamie Frost, Jennie McCall, Jennifer Kelly, Jessica Briggs, Jessie Lee, Joanna Whittle, Jo Brown, John Brokenshire, Karen Shapley, Karen Sherwood, Kate Kelly, Kate Sully, Kaye Wilson, Kev Clarke, Kristel Collison, Lenka Davidikova, Lorna Fellas, Lyn Hodnett, Lisa Slinn, Loukas Georgiou, Mariel Borst Pauwels, Maria Connolly, Minne de Lange, Neil Tunnecliff, Nick Claiden, Olivia Bliss, Pauline Rignall, Penelope Hayes, Rachel Wood, Ralph Shuttleworth, Russel Kingston, Ryoko Minamitani, Sarah Villeneau, Stephen Horsted, Stephen Todd, Tracey Keeping, Viv Owen, Willie Robb