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City of Hope - Sweet + Shore

City of Hope 149x133cm.jpeg

City of Hope

Sweet + Shore

16 March – 20 April

Opening 7:30pm Friday 15 March

Cupola Gallery is excited to welcome Anne Penman Sweet back to the gallery this time accompanied by Dr Jesse Shore as Sweet+Shore.  This collaboration is an exciting exploration of the intersection between art and science.

Anne Penman Sweet is a visual artist who has been exhibiting internationally for the last 18 years. Dr Jesse Shore was Senior Curator of Sciences at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

“We often contrast fluid and amorphous abstract colour fields with a hard-edge patchwork of linear panels in an overall geometric shape echoing the multi-faceted nature of minerals and gemstones. The use of these contrasting elements describes an inherent aspect of our work, which is the interaction between the void and structure: form and emptiness.

Our materials of choice are aluminium composite panels cut into various geometric shapes which are used individually or in groupings. The panels are then primed with numerous layers of hand-made glue gesso ground which, after many hours of preparation and sanding, provide a luminous and light-reflective surface for the oil paint. One of the satisfying aspects of our work is the marriage of the old (glue gesso is one of the most traditional art materials) with the new (aluminium composite panels are one of the newest).” Sweet + Shore 2018

Alongside the richly coloured panels on display will be a selection of works on canvas and board ranging in scale from 15 x 15cm to over 1.5 x 1.5 m.

Sweet+Shore are represented by Colville Gallery, Hobart, Australia and Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, U.K

Anne is represented by the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London/NYC.

Exhibition opens Friday 15th March 7:30pm, hospitality provided.

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