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"My work is stimulated by the transition in organic processes such as ephemeral forms and instability of colour in floral materials. I specifically preserve plant materials including petals, florets and leaves which are coated with specialist resins and reinforced with fibre glass. The application is repeated about 20 - 30 times depending on the nature and characteristics of materials. I then present flowers as objects.
Each stage of development of flowers - bud, bloom and fade - is impermanent yet beautiful. I aim to capture a moment of beauty and the eternal fragility of flora which I use as a metaphor for human existence. For me the images that I choose as subject matter suggest mortality and the transitory nature of life. The objects I produce with flowers imply the futility of human activity, and present my acceptance and embracement of natural progression and deterioration in both physical and emotional states.

My work is a way of rendering my aesthetic appreciation of life, and I also strive to deliver the fundamental essence of nature through the sculptural artform." Fumi