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Education:   MA, Art Therapy, Edinburgh University

                BA hons, Fine art Painting, Saint Martins School of Art

Selected exhibitions

2014   Society of Scottish Artists Annual exhibition  RSA Edinburgh

Cank Street Gallery Open, Leicester

Bath Artist Studios , Forest of Imagination

Building Volumes

Recollection , Holburne Museum and Art Gallery, Bath

2013   Touch Art Fair,  Frieze, London

Derwent Art Prize, Mall galleries, London

RSA, Edinburgh

RWA, Drawn ,Bristol

Fabric of the Land, Aberdeen and Edinburgh

Salisbury Open, Salisbury Arts Centre.    Award winner

FAB , Bath

Buchelli Gallery, Bristol

2012    Cork St Open, London

Fabric of the Land Aberdeen

Fab Open, Bath.  Award winner

SSA Annual Show

2000     James Murray Art Show, Perth Museum and Art Gallery

Coffin, Roseangle Gallery Dundee

1987    Edinburgh Scene , Edinburgh City Art Centre

SSA Annual Show, awarded Council’s Choice

RSA Summer Show, Scottish Artists award

Solo shows

2014  ‘Here to There”       Buchelli Gallery, Bristol

2013 ‘ Blood will Boil”  Bath Artist’s Studios

2000  Kellie Lodging Gallery, Pittenweem festival, Pittenweem

1997  Scottish Artists Gallery, Edinburgh



2014  FAB Bath Artists group residency

1997 Artist in Residence, Murray Royal Hospital, Perth

1993 Artist in schools Residency, Fife

1992 artist in residence, Highland Printmakers, Inverness


2013 Salisbury Arts Centre prize winner

2012 FAB Open  winner

1998 Council’s Choice SSA

1986 Scottish Artists purchase award

Gillian McFarland


"My work is a response to the detail of life; the familiarity and reassurance of repetitive tasks we all feel safe in and the impact of external and unpredictable factors on these. I am interested in harmful behaviours and the wear and tear of living on ourselves and our environment. Themes of 'wearing out' and 'holding together' through 'puncture pictures' and 'stainings'. I am particularly interested in the paper at the points when it is only just holding together. The ink blots counter the deliberate safety of the repetitive action of pinning. I like the sense of 'risk' inherent in these works and the obvious reference to Rorschach inkblots. The idea of symmetry,of two sides to an image and the replaying of an action or ritual in reverse to close or finish a piece appeals to me. A re-enactment and an opportunity to rewind and reflect on an experience in a different frame. I have begun to explored this a little in the positive and negative images."


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