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• Individual Crafts Award, Yorkshire Arts, 1986
• Individual Award, Yorkshire and Humberside Arts, 1996
• Individual Award, Yorkshire Arts, 1999
• Craft Pottery Charitable Trust Award, 2004
• Equipment Grant, Arts Council

Hanne Westergaard


Clay has been my medium for over 40 years now. My works have been mostly functional but increasingly I experiment with more decorative pieces where I use patterns inspired by nature.

I am inspired by many things and when I walk in the countryside, or on the seashore, I look at birds in flight and observe their movements, the changing light in the sky and the rhythms and patterns on tree barks and decaying vegetation. I aim for my works to reflect some of this harmony in its many aspects.

I mostly work in porcelain using a variety of techniques. For my vessels I use slow hand building, which gives me the control I need to shape I want. For my wall pieces I take plaster casts from nature and convert them into moulds for casting and press moulding in porcelain.

The works are high fired in my glass kiln or wood soda fired. In some of my glazes I use seaweed as one of the components.