John Bainbridge


Artist Statement

The moorland and grit-stone edges of the Derbyshire Peak District provide the visual stimulus which motivates and informs my paintings. The rich colour and texture of the land together with the traces and scars of old tracks, pathways and the remnants of ancient habitation, are enhanced by the Peak's unique quality of light and the atmospherics of seasonal wind and weather. The paintings reflect the close contact I've had with the land through fell running in all conditions, day and night! It is interesting to explore how the colour and texture of paint and the many ways of applying it to create a surface can relate to the colour and texture of "wild,land". My paintings attempt to explore the correspondence between the physical experience of wild landscape, and the numinous sense of ancient time and history the land evokes. Dark land and diffused light are keynotes of the imagery.


John lives and work in Sheffield.