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Selected Exhibitions
2012 solo show Curwen gallery
2011 Cupola gallery group shows
2010 ' Like a Fool' solo show Cupola gallery
2009 solo show Curwen gallery
2008 'Mercy has a Human face 'sheffield anglican cathedral
2007 The Cooper gallery Barnsley
2007 Solo show Derby Museum and art gallery
2007 Solo show Curwen gallery
2006 'Looking for You' Sheffield Anglican Cathedral

John Brokenshire



"My work is primarily oil on canvas. As my work evolves I am seeking to deal with

strong universal themes such as mortality, healing, the role of the imagination and
dream. I very much esteem many painters from the past. A love for painterly depth and rich colour are constant vital elements to me.

Painterly Space
Atmosphere and painterly space have been crucial to me thus far.
In my development as a painter a strong relationship with the medium has been definitive. Meanwhile the viewer has always been an important consideration for me.
My hope is to lead the viewer into a resonant atmospheric space.

Entering Inner space
I would define inner space not as a space of sanctuary, but of involvement, journey, even encounter. Basically this is imaginative space we can enter at will. Creative visualizing is much used within such practices as cognitive therapy, healing, meditation and prayer. Within this realm we can interface with key players in our lives in ways that have consequence.

I seek freedom with imagery. Therefore I like to use the abstract vocabulary I have built up. Meanwhile I like to use stated overt imagery as well so that a series of work may contain both elements to varying degree, even merging them as on a continuum." John Brokenshire