Neil Tunnecliffe

Artist Statement

"The work involves sound, moving image and paintings. The work arrives from the natural world in super 8mm film format, I then transfer the film to digital format and edit and build up the film until I have totally abstracted the original film. I deduct still images from the film that I’m attached to in some way; I transfer these thoughts and concepts into paintings.

The paintings arrive from layers of paint, tape, paste and oil paint applied to the surface. I then remove these layers with knifes, chisels, and power tools over months of deconstructing of the surface to reveal mark making and unique layers of paint.
I would say that my aspiration is to create images that produce a myriad of responses from the viewer while being interesting formal art objects, that are also strangely attractive or aesthetically pleasing. I reinvent these thoughts and concepts so they are constantly evolving.  

I want to encourage the viewer to be more imaginative and actively involved when looking at the work, it’s about seeing and what can be grasped by observation." Neil Tunnecliffe