Artists Talks by Bruce Rimell & Kate Sully

Kate Sully & Bruce Rimell will both be giving a talk about their current exhibitions on Saturday 4 march.

Kate Sully will be discussing her exhibition 'Revelation' at 2pm. There will be opportunities for Q&A after the talk.
She will be discussing her work with a nummber of academic researchers from the University of Sheffield.

Kate is using images from bio engineering research as well as cutting edge technology in the world of reproduction as inspiration to create mixed media artworks that become the conduit between art and science.

Bruce Rimell will be delivering a talk about his exhibition 'Beyond Demons & Angels' at 3:30pm. There will be opportunities for Q & A after the talk.

Bruce Rimell will be talking about the shamanic and visionary inspirations behind his vivid artwork imagery, as well as the Dual Image medium, in which one image is seen by daylight and another different image under UV illumination.

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