Artist Talk - My Camino by John Brokenshire, Sat 19 August, 2pm


My Camino

By John Brokenshire, Sat 19 August, 2pm

John Brokenshire will be giving a talk about his paintings and their relationship with his experience on the Camino trail.

“My walk on the Camino  was a journey across a varying landscape , sometimes  at high elevations: the Pyrenees and  mountains of Galicia, sometimes  endless plains and vineyards -  the  regions of Navarra and Rioja,  Castille Leon, and the legendary Meseta.  It was an experience of long days of walking, surrendering to the rhythm of my footsteps.  The connection of the pilgrims from medieval times to those I had followed on Youtube in preparation, numberless over time.” John Brokenshire

John's signature abstract paintings featuring veils of blue, green and purple washes over a dark or black ground are clearly in evidence but the Camino experience has informed both his palette, application of paint and his use of recognisable figuration. Occasionally he has made clear or direct references to the landscape or the huge bull sculptures he encountered and found so striking along the way.

John rarely delivers talks but has agreed to give a short talk about his remarkable journey which has profoundly effected his life and art practice.

Graham Shapley