Richard Furlong


"I studied at Chelsea School of Art and Swansea College of Art in the 1960’s, specialising eventually in stained glass design, while continuing to draw and paint actively.  I did not abandon my art practice completely but it was only after a 30-year career in academic administration that I was able to return full-time to my passion for painting.  I now work from my purpose-built studio in Moseley, Birmingham.

My principal artistic concerns are colour, form and line.  For the last 25 years my work has been entirely abstract in orientation, transitioning some 15 years ago from highly gestural, expressive pieces to pieces based on simple geometric forms, sometimes inspired by everyday shapes in the world around me – from the pyramidal shape of an often-viewed Spanish mountain, to the wooden blocks with which I played as a child.  Colour is a key concern and challenge in my work.  I work both with strong primary and secondary colours and with more subdued colour palettes.  My interest lies in exploring the impact of adjacencies:  the interplay between form, mass and colour and the interrelationship between adjacent colours and their impact on the viewer’s perception.  I strive to create a tension in which colours vibrate in their intensity or a harmony between form and colour resulting in a single mood.  

As a student in the 1960’s I was much influenced by the work of Nicolas de Stael and abstraction in post-war Modernist painting.  These remain key influences today, alongside the work of the pre-war European Expressionists, Mondrian and the De Stijl movement, Morandi and the work of the CoBrA Group." Richard Furlong, 2017


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