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Samantha Groom


Artist statement :

"I am a Sheffield based printmaker specialising in wood and lino-cut printing onto paper, cardboard and fabric although I really enjoy all forms of printmaking, particularly when they don’t involve too much technical equipment!

I have a ‘see what happens approach to printing’. I like to play with different techniques, different colours, different textures and just see what works. I love that element of chance and surprise in printmaking!

I recently became a full-time printmaker after over twelve years teaching art and textiles in secondary school and I work from my home studio, using my treasured ‘Rollaco’ press. I have always taken my ideas from the everyday things around and these days I find my inspiration is the fun I have with my young daughter; the songs we sing and books we read. Looking at the world in a more innocent way I find I want to create simple, brightly coloured and playful prints that also remind me of imagery from my own childhood in the 1970’s.

When I am not printing, myself and my family like to work on our allotment. We haven’t had it long and we are learning as we go along." - Samantha Groom