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Sarah Jones- Morris


Artist Statement

Sarah has always had a passion for art and after a long and varied training, has continually found herself drawn to clay as a medium with which to work, creating a variety of both functional and decorative ceramic pieces.

Current work is inspired by a number of sources. Often domestic items provide a starting point from which to build upon, Sarah’s collection of antique spoons along with recipes passed down through family and friends have provided inspiration for her framed porcelain spoon pieces. Sarah also draws from her Welsh heritage and the tradition of the giving of a hand carved wooden love spoon as a token of love.

Other work draws inspiration from Sarah’s interest in texture and surface decoration. Delicate porcelain vessels are impressed with fragments of vintage lace or a repeat pattern of dots creating a beautiful translucency when lit from within.

Work is hand built using a variety of techniques including slab building and press molding. The surface of the clay is either left unglazed or slips and under glazes are applied to create color and texture. Further decoration is applied using oxides and glazes. Pieces are fired to stoneware temperature in an electric kiln.