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Amid by Shaeron Caton Rose

An interview with Shaeron Caton Rose about her exhibition at Cupola Gallery, Amid. 

Amid by Shaeron Caton Rose
21 October - 18 November
Preview Friday 20 October 7:30pm, Hospitality Provided

Amid is the culmination of work made in response to two artist’s residencies in two different faith communities.

“In 2015, I spent 6 weeks with the Community of the Resurrection, a monastic order based in Mirfield, Yorkshire. In 2016, I spent another 6 weeks with the Iona Community in Argyll, Scotland.

Mindfulness is currently a very popular idea, recommended by TV shows and GPs alike. Our increasingly hectic lifestyles have forced us to realise that we need time out, a way of ‘switching off’. My experience of monastic living gave me an understanding of the need to switch on instead, to take time to pay attention, to see the world we live in and to be in it: to find the sacrament of the present moment. To celebrate the ordinary and so find the extraordinary. For example, the series of monoprints ‘Glory be’ reflect a desire to notice that which is often unnoticed, the humble yet exquisite details of nature we often pass by.

Working at the Iona community provided a contrasting approach to spirituality: one of busyness, constant activity. I found this experience difficult, and have reflected on this with works that explore the movement of the pilgrimage around the island, a weekly event which offers visitors the opportunity to reflect on the different meanings that specific sites offer. I was interested in how visitors to this ancient, pre-Christian and now Christian place relate to the physical place, and how we can or could find meaning within the clamour of everyday life and the reality of where we live.

The works in this exhibition demonstrate a marriage of my practice as a printmaker and an installation artist. I have rediscovered my first love, which is print, but have found new ways to display the artworks.” Shaeron Caton-Rose

The exhibition is an installation comprised of numerous elements including a series of works on paper, utilising various printmaking techniques, golden leaves floating in water, suspended fabric garments and a series of boxes hiding/revealing treasures contained within.

Work for sale.

Sunday 5 November, 2-4pm

Amid: art retreat

Pay as you feel.
Booking required due to limited space.  Please call 0114 285 2665 to reserve a place.

Suitable for ages 12yrs and above.

An opportunity to meet the artist and learn more about her work as well as reflecting on some of the themes of the exhibition for yourself. We will consider the idea of finding stillness amid business and meaning within the day to day ‘ordinariness’ of life through exploring the artworks on show, texts, images and processes that are aimed at helping us think about these ideas. There will be the chance to try some basic print and bookmaking techniques as part of the workshop.


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