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Original 200

Original 200
2 September - 14 October
Opening Friday 1 September 7:30pm, Hospitality Provided

What can you get in a gallery for £200?

What is the value of art and does it have anything to do with its price?”

This is the rather thorny question the Cupola Gallery is positing in its exhibition 'Original 200'. How do we value time, originality, craft, skill, materials, talent?

When is an original not an original? Is a print (silkscreen, etching, linocut,) an original piece? Are photographs original works of art? Why is a higher or lesser value attributed to different forms of creative work? Do we use the term 'original' to add value? Does a price label increase or lower our esteem or view of a piece?

“I have always been fascinated and perplexed by people's responses to prices of artwork both inside and outside the gallery environment. Often people seem to either attribute value to a work of art due to a high price or become agitated by a price which does not seem to accord with their perception of its value.” Karen Sherwood, Director

In addition there seems to be a general perception that certain types of artwork deserve to hold a higher price than others. We hope that by exhibiting works across media, all of which are going to be on sale for the same price, that we might encourage discussion and debate around these issues.

33 artists will be taking part: Abbie Cairns, Alison Tyldesley, Amanda Lwin  , Annette Petch, Beth Barlow, Cath Dunn, Chase and Plate, Daniel Ashton, Debbie Michaels, Emily Perry-Musgrave, Fumi, Hazel Dixon, Jill Miller, Karen Sherwood, Karin Hessenberg, Kristy Campbell, Lesley Birch, Luca Serasini, Marion Kuit, Myfanwy Williams, Paul Schatzberger, Pauline Rignall, Rachel McDonnell, Robyn Hepburn, Simon Dobbs, Stephen Todd, Sue Burley, Susan Plover, Tomas Rowell, Vaiva, Kovieraite-Trumpe, Viv Owen, Will Atkins


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