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Up North by Karen Sherwood

Up North by Karen Sherwood
10 February – 10 March
Birthday Party 7:30pm Friday 9 March - RSVP for the party is required.

Karen Sherwood, founder and director of Cupola Gallery, established 1991, has created a new body of paintings which reflect her time in, and passion for, the north of England. Initially, as a Fine Art student, she fell in love with the Sheffield moors, but more recently several trips to the stunning coastline of Northumberland have inspired a new body of work. It was the sea, the light, the colours, the history and structures of the north east coast which have sparked a new love affair. Always a fan of JMW Turner, light plays an important role in the paintings but increasingly, colour and textures are becoming the dominant feature of the work, often obscuring any topographical or figurative elements. Recognisable landmarks or structures still persist in some paintings alongside fully abstract pieces.

“I have always loved the sea and the coast and the dramatic landscape of Scotland and the lakes, but it was a stay in a friend's caravan in Seahouses, Northumberland, that kick started my painting practice again not so long ago. It is tricky running a gallery full time and finding time to paint, but where there is a will, there is a way. I work at home very late at night on my kitchen table and on my kitchen walls, so suffice it to say I am lucky to have an understanding family! I do, of course make sure everything is cleared up before breakfast, or else things might be different...

Some might find it strange but I always feel slightly apprehensive about showing my own work in my own gallery, as it kind of feels like cheating. I do feel that I can be forgiven for this particular solo show though as it is a gift to me as a way of mitigating the effects of a significant zero birthday! I am therefore having a 'bit of a do' at the gallery just before the exhibition closes.”

Karen Sherwood.

Paintings are oil & mixed media on paper, canvas and board varying in scale from 5cms x 5cms up to 1mx1m. The colour palette is varied but includes a body of work featuring vibrant blues alongside other paintings where rich reds and pinks dominate.

Work for sale. Prices from £40 - £500

Around 30 paintings will be on exhibition ranging in size from just a few inches square to over a metre. Paintings are mostly oil on board, paper and canvas alongside some mixed media works including collage and Karen's beloved chalk pastels.



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