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Group Show
17 March – 21 April
Opening 7:30pm Friday 16 March

What makes us, us? 

It is a difficult question and one we don't presume to be able to answer but which holds endless fascination.  We encourage submissions for this exhibition which explore notions of self, identity and how identity is informed via connections/disconnections with place, objects, beliefs, activity or anything which impacts on and/or forms or informs the concept of I.



 Eleri Bates
Sayo Ota
Tom Crump
Patrick Gomersall
Lee Hardman
Chris Eastham
Jessie Lee
Priscilla Edwards
Fierce Fine Art
Diogo Duarte
Anna Cortada Bordas
Dominika Kupcova
Donghwan Ko
Bren Head
Lyn Hodnett