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Vessel - Northern Potters Association

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Northern Potters Association

27 April – 1 June

Opening 7:30pm Friday 26 April

Vessel - according to the dictionary


1. a craft for traveling on water, now usually one larger than an ordinary rowboat; a ship or boat.

2. an airship.

3. a hollow or concave utensil, as a cup, bowl, pitcher, or vase, used for holding liquids or other contents.

4. Anatomy, Zoology. a tube or duct, as an artery or vein, containing or conveying blood or some other body fluid.

5. Botany. a duct formed in the xylem, composed of connected cells that have lost their intervening partitions, that conducts water and mineral nutrients.

Compare tracheid.

6. a person regarded as a holder or receiver of something, especially something nonmaterial:

a vessel of grace; a vessel of wrath.

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