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Vessel - Northern Potters Association

Artists taking part include:

Adrian Bates, Alison Wren, Andrew Caines, Bev Seth, Beverley Sommerville, Brian Holland, Carl Gray, Catriona Archibald, Claire Allam, David Helm, Debbie Michaels, Deiniol Williams, Emmeline Butler, Eric Moss, Frances Lee, Gabi Komar-Dixon, Helen Graham, Isabel Denyer, Janet Halligan, Jill Ford, Kathryn Watson, Kit (Kathryn) Hemsley, Krishna Alageswaran, Nicola Briggs, Olinda Everett, Penny Withers, Peter Swailes, Sarah Villeneau, Sheila Spencer, Simone Abram


Northern Potters Association

27 April – 1 June

FREE artists’ talks

Saturday 25 May: 2-3:30pm

For details and or to book a place visit:

Vessel - according to the dictionary


1. a craft for traveling on water, now usually one larger than an ordinary rowboat; a ship or boat.

2. an airship.

3. a hollow or concave utensil, as a cup, bowl, pitcher, or vase, used for holding liquids or other contents.

4. Anatomy, Zoology. a tube or duct, as an artery or vein, containing or conveying blood or some other body fluid.

5. Botany. a duct formed in the xylem, composed of connected cells that have lost their intervening partitions, that conducts water and mineral nutrients.

Compare tracheid.

6. a person regarded as a holder or receiver of something, especially something nonmaterial:

a vessel of grace; a vessel of wrath.

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